In Merced CA
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Sadie has 7 points towards her AKC Championship Title
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    Sadie weighed 85 lbs. when she was one years old. Born on August 31, 2005.
She has a head that draws in everybody's attention. Everybody thinks she is a
male at first because of her blocky shaped head and stout body. Her eyes look
like they are full of curiosity. She has just the greatest personality and her facial
expressions just make us melt. She is so curious and enthusiastic about
    Sadie is a dark colored chocolate. Her parents are both black labs. She comes
long line of Show quality dogs. She had her hips and elbows OFA'ed
and rated "EXCELLENT".
She also passed her eye CERF and her Heart test.
She has received her        International Championship Title.
    Sadie has been entering in the Show Rings with my daughter since Sadie was
6 months old and they do quite well. She usually places First or Second in her
class. She also goes to 4-H with my daughter.
Sadie has lived in the house from the time she was a pup. She has never
destroyed anything. She sucks on her stuff animals instead of shredding them.
    She is a total " It's all about Me" dog. She Loves to go to the Dog Shows and
prance around the ring and get lots of attention. She enjoys the crowds. And
especially the treats that go with the day.
    Hotel life is right up her alley. We give her a bath a couple of days before the
shows. After her bath you can not open the car door without her trying to climb in.
She sits in the seat and watches out the window and gets so happy when we get
to the parking lot where other dogs are walking around. She is like a teenage girl
going to the Shopping Mall with her friends.
    Four of Sadie's offspring had their Preliminary OFA's done. Two rated
"Excellent & two rated "Good".
Sadie is owned by
1st Place in Junior Showmanship Class February 2007

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Health Clearance
Big and Small
The Big Wins and Points
DATE                TITLE                        LOCATION                         CLUB                              JUDGE                          HANDLER               WINS        AGAINST

1-12-08        International         Santa Rosa         Golden State Winter Sieger       Kowalsky              Heather Ruff                             
Champion                                                                              Traler / McSerley          

Winners Bitch        Vallejo CA         Santa Cruz Kennel Club       Jane Roppolo             Lisa Fennell        1 Point        13-11-(3-0)
Best of Winners     Vallejo CA         Santa Cruz Kennel Club       Neil Graves                Lisa Fennell        2 Point        16-11-(3-0)        
3-23-08        Winners Bitch        Vallejo CA        Oakland Kennel Club            Patricia Gellerman      Lisa Fennell        1 Point        13-15-(3-0)

Reserve Winners    Bakersfield CA        Kern County KC            Henry J Williams        Lisa Fennell                           17-11-(2--0)
Winners Bitch        Bakersfield CA        Kern County KC            Karen Wilson             Lisa Fennel          1 Point        17-13-(2-0)

 Winners Bitch        Vallejo CA              Chief Solano KC           Charles Doran Jr         Lisa Fennel          1 Point         7-12-(0-0)
Reserve Winners    Woodland CA        Camillia Capital KC         Kathleen Steen            Lisa Fennel                             12-13-(1-0)

 Best of Opposite Sex   Vallejo CA      Chief Solona KC        Christina Hubbell     Jennifer Kelly (Stud owner) 1 Point        7-15-(1-0)

The Small Wins
DATE                Entry                        LOCATION                         CLUB                              JUDGE                          HANDLER               WINS        AGAINST


4-8-06         6-9 mo                Merced CA        Yosemite Kennel Club        Stephen J Hubbell        Heather Ruff        First
4-9-06         6-9 mo                Merced CA        Yosemite Kennel Club        Mrs Keke Kahn           Heather Ruff        First

5-27-06        6-9 mo                Placerville CA   Hangtown Kennel Club        Carl Anderson            Heather Ruff       Second
5-27-06     Jr Showmanship     Placerville CA   Hangtown Kennel Club        Burton Yamada           Heather Ruff       Second
5-28-06        6-9 mo                Placerville CA   Hangtown Kennel Club        Patricia Gellerman      Heather Ruff        First
5-27-06     Jr Showmanship     Placerville CA   Hangtown Kennel Club        Patricia Gellerman      Heather Ruff        Third

10-20-06        12-18 mo        Pleasanton CA    Golden Gate Lab. Retr. Club   Cindy Skiba             Heather Ruff
10-21-06        12-18 mo        Pleasanton CA    Golden Gate Lab. Retr. Club   Brian Parrott            Heather Ruff
10-22-06        12-18 mo        Pleasanton CA    Del Valle Club of Livermore   Valerie Walters          Heather Ruff
10-23-06        12-18 mo        Pleasanton CA    Golden Gate Lab. Retr. Club   Susan Willumsen      Heather Ruff

11-12-06        12-18 mo        Napa CA        Wine Country Kennel Club        Anthony DiNardo       Heather Ruff        First
11-12-06    Jr Showmanship   Napa CA       Wine Country Kennel Club        Mrs Semenschin        Heather Ruff        Third

11-24-06        12-18 mo        Turlock CA        Golden Valley Kennel Club        Mrs Anderson       Heather Ruff        Second
11-25-06        12-18 mo        Turlock CA        Golden Valley Kennel Club        Judith Goodin        Heather Ruff        Second
11-26-06        12-18 mo        Turlock CA        San Joaquin Kennel Club           Bud DiDonato       Heather Ruff        Second
11-27-06        12-18 mo        Turlock CA        San Joaqui Kennel Club             Carol Murray        Heather Ruff        Second

DATE                Entry                        LOCATION                         CLUB                              JUDGE                          HANDLER               WINS        AGAINST
2-18-07          12-18 mo        San Jose CA        Santa Clara Valley K.C.           Betty Nelson          Heather Ruff        Second      21-17-(0-1)     
2-18-07     Jr Showmanship   San Jose CA        Santa Clara Valley K.C.        Carol Jean Nelson     Heather Ruff        First Place  8 Novice Juniors
2-19-07          12-18 mo        San Jose CA        Santa Clara Valley K.C.        Carol Jean Nelson     Heather Ruff        Second       22-15-(0-1)

3-23-07        Open Choc        Vallejo CA            K. Club of Salinas            Carl Gene Liepmann     Heather Ruff        First          8-14-(2-0)
3-23-07     Jr Showmanship   Vallejo CA            K. Club of Salinas                Hal T Biermann        Heather Ruff        Forth       5 Novice Intermediate

4-6-07        Open Choc          Merced CA        Yosemite Kennel Club             Rosalie Anderson     Heather Ruff        First        14-13-(1-1)
4-7-07        Open Choc          Merced CA        Yosemite Kennel Club             Eva Berg                 Heather Ruff        First        15-19-(2-1)

5-26-07      Open Choc        Placerville CA        Hangtown KC          Kimberly Merideth-Cavanna    Heather Ruff       Second     10-21-(0-0)
5-27-07      Open Choc        Placerville CA        Hangtown KC                Ms Pluis Davern              Heather Ruff        First        14-23-(0-0)

10-14-07     Open Choc       Yuba City CA        Two Cities KC                     Dr Harry Smith          Heather Ruff                        9-21-(0-0)

10-28-07     Open Choc        Dixon CA        Sac Valley Dof Fanciers               Elliot Weiss             Heather Ruff        First        9-18-(0-0)

11-23-07     Open Choc        Stockton CA             San Joaquin KC                Helen Dorrance         Heather Ruff        Second    17-22-(0-1)

DATE                Entry                        LOCATION                         CLUB                              JUDGE                          HANDLER               WINS        AGAINST
1-18-08       Open Choc        Portland Oregon        Rose City Classic              Beth Sweigart            Lisa Fennel          Forth       24-26-2-1
1-19-08       Open Choc        Portland Oregon        Rose City Classic              James Martin            Lisa Fennel          Second     32-31-3-1
1-21-08       Open Choc        Portland Oregon        Rose City Classic              Bud Didonato            Lisa Fennel          Third       33-28-3-0
1-22-08       Open Choc        Portland Oregon        Rose City Classic        Dr Harold Engel DVM      Lisa Fennel          First        23-18-2-0

3-22-08       Open Choc        Bakersfield CA                                                                                 Lisa Fennel        Second                
4-12-08       Open Choc        

DATE                Entry                        LOCATION                         CLUB                              JUDGE                          HANDLER               WINS        AGAINST
01-24-09     Open Choc        Daly City CA            COW PALACE             Jeffrey Pepper              Heather Ruff        Second      25-27-(2-0)-3
01-25-09     Open Choc        Daly City CA            COW PALACE             Mr Arley Hussin          Ellen Cottingham     First         22-26-(2-0)-3

02-01-09     Open Choc       Fresno CA       Sun Maid Kennel Club of F         Neil Graves                Lisa Fennel          Second     24-27-(1-1)

3-15-09       Open Choc       Turlock CA    San Joaquin Valley Lab Club     Michael Silva                Heather Ruff         Third        116 Lab Specialty
3-21-09       Open Choc        Vallejo CA        San Mateo Kennel Club        Deborah Verdon              Lisa Fennel           First         19-35-(2-0)
3-22-09       Open Choc        Vallejo CA        Oakland Kennel Club      Patricia Leakey Brenner         Lisa Fennel           Third        18-35-(2-0)

4-5 09         Open Choc        Merced CA      Yosemite Kennel Club              Sheila Polk                  Heather Ruff                         5-13-(0-0)

5-23-09       Open Choc        Placerville                  Hangtown                       Ann Hearn                 Lisa Fennel            First       24-29-(2-1)
5-24-09       Open Choc        Placerville                  Hangtown                   Mr Lamar Mathis           Lisa Fennel            First       25-36-(2-1)
5-25-09       Open Choc        Placerville          KC of California Sierra           Judith Goodin          Lisa Fennel & Asst.    First       22-27-(2-1)

6-4-09        Open Choc        Vallejo CA     Skyline Dog Fanciers/Woofstock  Karen Wilson              Lisa Fennel             First      18-21-(1-0)
6-6-09        Open Choc        Vallejo CA        Contra Costa County                Trudy Rose               Eleonore Diehr        Second    22-25-(0-2)

8-29-09      Open Choc        Grass Valley        Gold Country                        
Gail Shearer              Eleonore Diehr          First       19-26-(7-2)
8-30-09      Open Choc        Grass Valley        Gold Country                        
Tom Shearer             Eleonore Diehr        Second     18-29-(6-2)