She is always looking for a
stick to be retrieved.
But loves to lay around in the
kitchen and get lots of petting.
Ruff's Bodacious Hopper

Hopper was born March 18, 2004. She has passed her Preliminary
OFA at "GOOD", and has no sign of elbow dysplasia "OFEL". She
is a
95 lb masculine looking big boned girl. She has nice blocky
head, stout body, thick chest, medium height, thick fur and tail. She
is very light in color, and has the black pigmentation. She has a
great disposition and loves to retrieve.
Hopper's Father has his Champion Title and has a very long line of
Champions in his background. He is white in color and OFA'ed at
"GOOD". He is an awesome looking dog.
Hopper is a stick nut. Whenever I open the kennel gate she goes
running around to find any stick she can find to bring to me. She
also loves to be in the house laying around on the kitchen floor.
Hopper passed away on Aug 27, 2009 due to an internal infection
from a probable fox tail that had embedded inside her. We will truly
miss her and her spunky personality.
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