Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed dry dog food is what we are eating.
You will need to buy this at a pet or feed store. If you choose to get a
different brand after the 1st month then you need to mix this food with
the new food for a week so it doesn't upset my stomach. Whatever
brand you buy it MUST be Large Breed Puppy. My body will be growing
very fast for the 1st year and the formula that large breed puppy food is
made with will help to ensure that my bones will grow properly. You
wouldn't want to spend all this money on me and take a short cut on the
dog food and end up with improper growth of my bones that could affect
my ability to be a typical Lab.

BULLY STICK is a great chewing entertainer with a little flavor to keep
our attention and no odor for you. If at 1st we aren't interested in it try
getting an adult dog ( that you know well ) to chew on it to bring out the
flavor. One will last us a long time till our jaw gets stronger. Feed stores
tend to sell these. Costco tends to have them in a bag of 20. Or you can
go online to this link to see what they are all about

WIRE CRATE with 2 doors works in any area and folds down to pack
or store. This will be my den and a safe space for me and your home
when I am alone and you are busy. Don't be afraid to put me in it allot
or I may have lots of accidents in your home when I wake up or I may
chew on things when you aren't watching me. You can get these at any
pet store or my breeder orders them online at  or

Or this link

BABY/DOG GATE will be extremely important. I will need to be
contained in one room only until I have perfect house manners and potty
training done. If you have a friend that will loan you one that will save
on some expense but make sure you disinfect it with bleach & water. The
metal ones are the most durable.

Play Pen- This is an extra thing you might be able to due without. But if
you have to be gone for long periods of time regularly it can help. You
can attach an Exercise pen to the crate when you leave for work. That
way I have an area to play that will help keep me out of trouble or till I
get old enough to control my bladder till you return to let me out of my
crate. This link is an example of play pens; The higher the better
because I may learn to climb the 24 inch high one fairly early in the

TOYS that roll are self entertaining so you can due other things while I
am at your feet wanting something to do. Even toys that you can put my
kibble or treats in. A Barbell type toy is great because it has a small
area for my little mouth to carry it but has a large area that I can
strengthen my jaws on.  

LIVER TREATS or any soft treats for training me. I love being
rewarded; rather it’s a happy voice or food. But if I seem to be a little
stubborn than a tiny piece of soft treat before I have a full tummy will
get my full attention and I will be much more interested in pleasing you
to get that yummy thing from your hand. Remember tear small bits off
because treats are rich and fattening and can upset by belly if I get large
amounts at once. My breeder buys them at Pet Stores such as Petco.

Nu Vet Vitamins from Nu Vet Labs. Theses are important for a strong
immune system and for my very fast growing body. You can get them on
our breeder's discount if you use,
Order online from
The phone number is 1-800-474-7044 - Use code # 434563.
If you go with Auto Ship program they will give you an additional 15%

Be sure to use the order # 434563 so the breeder will know you are
taking all the pre-cautions to ensure my good health and growth.

My breeder also gets lots of fun stuff and ideas and health tips from  
Dr. Foster & Smith at